Custom Vector Graphics Service

Do you need custom vector graphics service?

If you cannot find what you are looking for and would like to hire a custom vector graphics service, we offer a production service at an hourly rate.

Vehicle Wraps & Plans: If you are in need of a design for your client, we can provide 3 low resolution concepts, revise, and produce RIP ready files for a flat fee to suit your budget. If the client has an obscure vehicle that you cannot find a template for and want one created, we can do that too. Just send us your photos and dimensions (if applicable) and in a few business days we can create clean vector based graphics you can use for your mockups and brandbooks.

Screenprinting Art & Separations: With many years in production departments in wide format signs, fine art, and dye-sublimation apparel, we can help execute any overflow production needs. Whether it is prepress & troubleshooting client-supplied files or producing the separations and trapping for a screen print project.

UI/UX Icons & Symbols: Sometimes you cannot find the right icons for a project because the industry is too new or niche… We can create a custom set of graphic icons based on your art direction. Starting from your sketches or ours, we will produce clean and professional icons for your next project.

Wayfinding Production: Are you busy translating an engineer’s drawings to make production ready artwork? Do you have a “typical” that needs dozens of variations? We can help produce scale shop drawings ready for the printer or CNC with our experience in signage for rail stations and buildings.

Vector Illustration: If you client or organization needs an illustration produced for an event, product, or part of a logo, we can produce production artwork at an hourly rate instead of rights-based (ie Print Limitations, Resale) quotes you may receive. This means the ownership is completely transferred with the invoice.

Vector Traces: The vector trace is available if you need a cleaner and scalable version of design. Sometimes the original is lost or was created as a raster based file format – we can vector trace just about anything.

What are your rates?: Our production rateĀ  for custom vector graphics service is $65USD per hour and happy to provide estimates on what a project might take to complete. Turnaround times are usually pretty fast and completed in a matter of days.

Some sample projects:

Samples of vector plans for various cars in profile including a Ferrari Enzo.

These samples are from a West Coast marketing company that wanted profiles of certain vehicles to mark certain areas of a website. A BMW M6 for example was chosen to label the area forĀ convertibles. We have done quite a few similar projects when designers approach us for specific vehicles they need for a project.

a set of custom vector icons for an advertising campaign with graphic representations of the Eiffel tower, the statue of liberty, and other landmark locations.

A UK organization commissioned us to produce dozens of Vacation and Holiday icons for an advertising campaign they had been working on with this theme. They did not want a hodge podge of styles if they bought stock from various vendors, so we were hired and briefed to exactly the style and content of the series.

Vector illustration of woman with kids trick or treating on halloween

Part of a series of stock images for Getty Images, this is a sample of vector illustration that is suitable for graphic design projects like packaging and poster design. As a vector based illustration, the artwork is great for wide and large format projects as well such as wall murals or banners.

A sample of a crest design or coat of arms rendered in vector shading using advanced adobe illustrator techniques.

A West Coast marketing company hired us to produce a highly detailed rendering of a coat of arms completely in Adobe Illustrator. They were in the final stages of building a brandbook for their client and required vector production to achieve realistic rendering, while maintaining the scalable format of vector graphics.

A series of vector based overhead views of studio photo lighting equipment including a parabolic umbrella, studio monoblocs or monolights

We were commissioned by a UK company to produce dozens of very specific studio photography equipment in overhead view. The design team was creating an app that allowed users to save and share their “setups”. With partnerships with Lastolite and Paul C Buff brands, we illustrated these pieces accurately to their real life counterparts.